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Canada's commercial seal harvest is the most closely watched and strictly regulated animal harvest in the world. Fisheries and Oceans Canada sets a total allowable catch (TAC), which is the upper limit of what can be harvested commercially in any given year.

The TAC is determined each year based on population sustainability, scientific advice and industry consultation. The harp seal population is sustainable and has grown in size by roughly four times since the 1970s.


Our Pledge

Gateway will only purchase seal products from harvesters who respect and meet our commitment to the humane, professional and sustainable harvest of harp seals.

Gateway will not purchase, process, or market any seal product obtained:

- from baby seals (white coats)

- from pregnant or lactating mother seals

- from anyone harvesting strictly for their body parts

- from anyone convicted of violating any rule or regulation established by the Government of Canada for the preservation and protection of seals.


Our Support

Gateway strongly supports the need for a humane, professional and sustainable harvest of this rich and abundant natural marine resource.


Why do we support Canada's Seal Harvest 

1. The Harvest is Humane in Canada

2. Full-Use Animal: harp seals are used for oil, pelts, meat, blubber, and life-saving heart valves that are superior to other heart valves.

3. Harp Seals Are Not Endangered in Canada

4. It is illegal to Harvest Baby Seals

5. Population Control: to ensure the long-term stability of the seal population, and also to protect other marine

6. Highly Regulated: Fisheries and Oceans Canada monitors the harvest on land, sea and air to ensure strict management.

7. Supported by Wildlife Organizations

8. Economic and Cultural Importance: the seal harvest is economically viable, employing thousands of Canadians each year.