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Whether you’re starting a new diet, hitting the gym or just continuing your usual healthy lifestyle, these 3 health supplements can help you succeed.


Vitamin D

Canadian winters are… the worst. Even the biggest winter sport enthusiast has complained about the bitter cold, snow-covered laneway, icy roads or dark days. Your body needs vitamin D and the sun is best source. But since we only get a few seconds of sun during the winter months, Health Canada recommends Canadians take a vitamin D supplement.



Not all fats are created equal! Omega-3 fatty acids are essential because you need them for optimal health. In fact, you’re born with omega-3 but losing it by ageing. The omega-3 you are born with has EPA+DHA+DPA. The only way to get more omega-3 is by eating nature omega-3 oil or taking supplements. When you think omega-3, think 3 parts – EPA+DHA+DPA – so make sure your omega-3 supplement has all 3.





More protein means more muscle, less fat and you’ll feel satiated. Protein supplements (powder and bars) are an easy way to add more of this healthy nutrient to your diet. And no, you won’t get bulky and become a bodybuilder just by adding more protein to your diet. If it were that easy, every guy would look like Arnold.