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Gateway, votre passerelle à la bonne santé

Voici pourquoi Gateway Omega-3 est le meilleur Omega-3 que vous pouvez acheter

L’huile de phoque Oméga-3 Gateway contient une haute concentration d’ADH, d’AEP, et d’ADP, qui sont des acides gras polyinsaturés essentiels. Les huiles Oméga-3 sont considéré essentiel puisque le corps humain en a de besoins pour sont fonctionnement optimal, peut-importe l’âge. Il est important de consommer des huiles Oméga-3 étant donné que le corps humain ne peut pas les produire.

À la naissance, nous avons un ratio 1 : 1 Oméga-6 à Oméga-3. Le lait maternel, considéré la nourriture parfaite de la nature, contient un ratio 1 : 1 Oméga-6 à Oméga-3.




We are the world's largest manufacturer of seal oil omega-3 with over 6billion capsules sold. A Proudly Canadian owned and operated company with over 25 years of serving our customers, with the approval of the Canadian Association of Omega-3 Manufacturers. Working closely with highly accredited advisors from Dalhousie University like the late Dr. Robert Ackman the world leading expert on marina oils with over 600 publications and an officer of the Order of canada. As well as Dr.Suzanne Budge a professor at Dalhousie University, expert in marine oil chemistry and a fellow of the National Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada. We have in place a 21 step refining process to ensure our customers received the cleanest and purest Seal Oil omega-3.



As a doctor you have taken an oath to provide the best care possible for your patients. We would like to help you keep that oath by providing your patients with the best source of Omega-3 & by providing you with great pricing.

Les suppléments Oméga-3 ne sont pas tous équivalent


While it is common to see brands tout ‘Omega-3’ in their eggs, bread and other items – the reality is that Flaxseed only converts to true Omega-3 (converts to DHA and EPA fatty acids) 10% of the time. The remainder of the ALA (the Omega-3 source in Flax) is just burned up as energy or metabolized. [3]
Of the approximate 10% that does become EPA and DHA – that small percentage is not a complete source of Omega-3, as it lacks DPA fatty acid.


  • While Fish Oils have high levels of DHA and EPA, they only have trace amounts of DPA – making it an incomplete source of Omega-3.
  • In order to get high levels of DHA and EPA in fish oil supplements, concentrated fish oils are chemically altered through ethylation.
  • Fish oils, though a better source of Omega-3 then Flaxseed, are mostly chemically altered. The World Wildlife Organization has identified overfishing as one of today’s largest threats to our planet; fish is an overall unsustainable source of Omega-3, and is not a complete source of Omega-3.


Only Harp Seal Oil contains potent levels of EPA and DHA with a third essential fatty acid: DPA fatty acid.
Research into the benefits of DPA Fatty Acid in Omega-3 began with a groundbreaking discovery in a 1980 study. Il a été déterminé qu’un Inuk de 70ans avait une santé cardiaque supérieur à celle d’un Danois de 20 ans. [4] Since then, research has linked DPA fatty acid to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. [5] Harp seal as a source of Omega-3 contains EPA, DHA and DPA. Studies have shown that the presence of DPA in Omega-3:

  • Est mieux absorbé [6]
  • Studies have found that DPA Omega-3 is over 22% more effective at increasing Omega-3 levels in the body.
  • Est 10X plus efficace [7]
  • DPA is 10X more effective than EPA at repairing damaged blood vessel cell walls.
  • Amplifie l’AEP + l’ADH [8]
  • The presence of DPA in Omega-3 has shown to enhance the heart and brain boosting benefits of EPA and DHA.
  • Supporte la mémoire et la santé cognitive [9]
  • Studies show that DPA Omega-3 possesses nonrestorative effects that offer benefits for memory and cognitive health.


Gateway seal oil contains the world’s most complete source of Omega-3 (EPA + DHA + DPA).

  • As a supplement, seal oil is sustainable, naturally potent, and preferred by those who experience negative side effects from fish oil like fish burps and upset stomach.
  • As a brand, Gateway has been manufactured and distributed in Canada since 1996. You can find us in stores across Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Our refining process is one of the most thorough in the industry. We’ve even worked with Canadian and international governments on industry wide standards for quality testing and assurance.
  • It’s why Canadian families have trusted Gateway for over 25 years. Our quality assured and all-Canadian Omega-3 is the best supplement you can buy for everyone in the family. We’re proud to say it.

Consistent Quality For Over 20 Years

Each lot of Gateway seal oil has been subject to thorough examination.


A Newfoundland Blessing

Gateway is a licensed Natural Health Product by Health Canada.
From Newfoundland to your home, our product is 100% Canadian.


Tested & Trusted

Gateway Omega-3 meets or exceeds the standards set by Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada for harp seal oil.

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