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Facts About Canada’s Seal Harvest

Harp seal oil is the most complete source of omega-3 with potent levels of EPA, DHA & DPA which is not found in other sources but is 10x more effective than EPA & enhances the effects of both EPA & DHA. Other well known sources are Flaxseed oil & fish oil, however they are both incomplete sources of omega-3 with low absorption rate. Flaxseed Oil that has low levels EPA, DHA and is void of DPA which is 10x more effective then EPA at repairing damaged blood vessel walls. Fish Oil: While having high levels of EPA, DHA with traces amounts of DPA ths fish oils have been chemically altered through ethylation. Fish is also an unsustainable source of Omega-3 as the World wildlife organization has identified over fishing as today's largest threat to our planet.

Who are we?

We are the world's largest manufacturer of seal oil omega-3 with over 6billion capsules sold. A Proudly Canadian owned and operated company with over 25 years of serving our customers, with the approval of the Canadian Association of Omega-3 Manufacturers. Working closely with highly accredited advisors from Dalhousie University like the late Dr. Robert Ackman the world leading expert on marina oils with over 600 publications and an officer of the Order of canada. As well as Dr.Suzanne Budge a professor at Dalhousie University, expert in marine oil chemistry and a fellow of the National Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada. We have in place a 21 step refining process to ensure our customers received the cleanest and purest Seal Oil omega-3.


As a doctor you have taken an oath to provide the best care possible for your patients. We would like to help you keep that oath by providing your patients with the best source of Omega-3 & by providing you with great pricing.


    1 Case(24 bottles) at $168.00 + Taxes 1 case (24 bottles) at $228.00 + Taxes

    With 1 case of Gateway 120 being $168.00, it is $7/bottle, our retail price for 1 bottle is $19.90, with this retail price after costs the profit margin is over 180%.

    With 1 case of Gateway 250 being $228.00, it is $9.50/bottle, our retail price for 1 bottle is $29.90, with this retail price after costs the profit margin is over 210%.

    As the world's largest manufacturer of seal oil omega-3 we offer competitive pricing as well as a high quality product as a result of our rigorous 21 step refining process.

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, is a common saying but we prefer “An ounce of prevention + a pound of cure provides patients with a comprehensive treatment plan”.

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